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Rewilding Program: Pacas in freedom

Today we want to share with you a piece of news that fills us with joy: the first PACAS family that is part of our Rewilding Program is already living in the wild in the San Sebastian de la Selva Reserve.

After the successful birth of the first breeding of this pair in the Rewilding pen, today they are already building their new burrow and roaming free in the jungle.

For several weeks we have been monitoring their adaptation and behaviors thanks to the use of camera traps, which allow us to observe them undisturbed and capture their nocturnal activity in images.

We are proud of these first achievements, which we can also implement thanks to all the companies that support our work and join our Corporate Environmental Responsibility program, becoming protagonists of this type of actions.

We continue to work together in the regeneration and conservation of the missionary rainforest.


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