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New Register of the Capped Heron in our Reserve

We are happy to tell you that yesterday we had the joy of observing once again a Capped Heron (Pilherodius pileatus) in our San Sebastian de la Selva Nature Reserve.

This species has very few records in our country, as its presence is rather sporadic, so it has possibility 1 of observation in our territory according to the Bird Guide.

This is not the first time that its presence has surprised us, as its first record in San Sebastián de la Selva was in February 2021, showing us that it always repeats its stay around this time, visiting the bodies of water that exist within the regeneration area of the Reserve.

One more example that shows us the importance of continuing to work on the restoration and conservation of these environments.

The discovery and the image of this CAPPED HERON were made by Evaristo Santos Ortega.

We continue working for the Atlantic forest, we continue working for biodiversity!



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