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Come learn about the rainforest and actively participate in its restoration and conservation.

Being a volunteer is a task that requires responsibility with the team and the environment.


Minimum duration:

1 month


Reserva Natural San Sebastián de la Selva, Andresito, Misiones, Argentina

Main tasks to develop:

- Tasks related to the Native Nursery and planting seasons.

- Seed collection and repotting of native plants.

- Rewilding project (management, enclosure enrichment and monitoring).

- Preparation of animal feed.

- Survey and collection of native food in the field.

-  Care of animals in pre-settled enclosures.

- Placement and monitoring of camera traps.

- Camera trap monitoring of released individuals.

-  Maintenance of trails and plots.

- Daily trips to the forest with the monitoring team.

- Maintenance and care of vehicles and tools.

Volunteer conditions:

To apply it is important to understand that you will be living in a Nature Reserve, so you will have to be willing to work in a wild place, exposed to the presence of poisonous animals and stinging plants. Communication may also be scarce for those who are not used to living outside urban areas, as you will only have internet signal at home.

Volunteering requires people who are proactive, tidy, clean, and willing to live with other people in shared rooms and work as a team, participating in the general tidiness of the common spaces.

Volunteering is free of charge for the participant and is not remunerated.

Accommodation at San Sebastian de la Selva Reserve is included.

It does not include transport to the Reserve or meals.

How to apply?

Send us your cover letter and your C.V. to


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