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Rewilding program: new paca and agouti specimens added

We have great news to tell you!

Last week we received LUNA, a female Paca in our Reserve, who joined the Rewilding Program that we are carrying out with this species.

Already adapted in the pre-release area, we hope that Luna will attract the attention of the first male Paca born in the wild within the Program, and begin to interact with him, with the idea of soon having a second breeding couple that will help us to increase little by little the population of this species strongly threatened in our area by illegal hunting and the loss of natural environments.

Together with Luna, we received 3 Agouti specimens (1 male and 2 females) that are also part of our Rewilding Program, since this rodent is key in the regeneration of the Atlantic Forest ecosystem, due to its role as a seed disperser of native species.

We are happy to be able to continue advancing in this project that allows us to work on the restoration of the environments while protecting and conserving their biodiversity, and from a more integral approach.

We thank the companies and people who trust in Bayka and help us to carry out these actions, and especially the veterinarian Marcia Helou, coordinator of our Program and responsible for the reintroduction project of the Suirirí Nature Reserve under an agreement with INTA AER San Antonio.


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