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Rewilding program: first paca born in the wild

We are happy to see how those projects that once seemed like a dream are now moving forward at a steady pace.

A couple of days ago, while reviewing the images from one of the camera traps placed near the Rewilding Program, we discovered with great surprise the existence of a new baby paca.

This is the second specimen born of the first breeding pair of the project, but the FIRST BORN COMPLETELY IN THE FREEDOM, since both parents were released some time ago.

In the nocturnal images, you can see the little paca, strong and healthy, coming out of the burrow with its mother, probably in search of food.

We hope to continue helping to strengthen the wild populations of this key species for the regeneration of the Atlantic forest.

Project coordinated by veterinarian Marcia Helou, responsible for the reintroduction project of the Suirirí Nature Reserve within the framework of an agreement with INTA - AER San Pedro.



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