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Massive Plantation in San Sebastián de la Selva

In 2019, a new working agreement with Fundación Vida Silvestre allowed us to make significant progress, delimiting the critical areas of the forest to be recovered, applying different reforestation methodologies according to the needs of each sector.

From September 10 to 15, more than 80 people participated in this activity, including representatives of the Foundation, provincial park rangers, university and EFA (Andresito Agricultural Family School) students, local community, friends and family, planting more than 5000 trees of some 40 different native species.

This large-scale planting will give a huge boost to many areas of the reserve that were already showing signs of recovery, but where the height and resistance of the exotic grasses made it difficult for natives to grow.

Thus, the objective of regenerating the forest in these degraded patches of land and reconnecting their fragmented areas is a little closer.

This will not only allow the environment to recover its original vegetation, but also allow hundreds of species of wildlife to move freely through the area and complete their life cycles, helping to reestablish the ecological balance of the area.

We continue working to REGENERATE THE MISSIONARY FOREST ECOSYSTEM and consolidate the biological corridor of which we are a part!


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