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Fall Planting 2022

More than 2200 new native trees of different species were planted at the end of March and beginning of April as part of our work to regenerate the Misiones rainforest in our San Sebastian de la Selva Reserve, in Misiones.

An action carried out together with Ecohouse, for Banco Galicia and other companies that continue to join the commitment to offset their emissions to move towards carbon neutrality while helping the regeneration and restoration of our natural ecosystems.


Working on the regeneration of the Misiones rainforest is an arduous task due to the complexity and diversity of this environment. All the previous instances until the planting of new specimens on land are equally important to have the necessary quantity and variety of native species in the area.

Summer is not a good time for planting. The high temperatures and lack of rainfall during these months, with record highs, greatly reduce the chances of seedling survival.

For this reason, the summer months are used for seed collection in the Reserve, and the germination and production of seedlings in the native nursery.

Having a large number of specimens of different species will allow for large-scale planting in the fall.

We appreciate the trust of those who join our project, to continue working on the regeneration and conservation of one of the most threatened environments in Argentina.

Team Bayka + Banco Galicia + Ecohouse + students of Forestry Engineering and Agronomy of the National University of Misiones.


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