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Urban Nature Reserves

Location: Zona Norte del Gran Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Ecoregions: Pampa, Espinal, Delta and Paraná Islands.

Main Objectives: Community Environmental Regeneration / Education / Corporate Volunteering.

In alliance with the NGO Germinar, we organize and coordinate actions to clean up waste, control invasive exotic species and plant native flora for companies in urban reserves in the Northern Zone of Greater Buenos Aires. The plants are provided by the Rayo Biodynamic Nursery of the Archangel Gabriel Waldorf School and the Triple Impact Nursery Network, generating a positive economic impact on hundreds of families that are part of these enterprises.

The idea is to generate "Team building" actions and environmental education within the work teams, while helping to recover urban and peri-urban spaces, conserve and protect their biological diversity, and ignite the community spirit towards environmental restoration.

These are the Urban Reserves in which we are planting:


1. Pilar Municipal Nature Reserve

2. Ingeniero Maschwitz Educational Natural Reserve

3. Puertos del Lago Natural Reserve

4. NECC Nature Reserve

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