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La Morita

Location: Corredor Biológico Península Andresito, Misiones, Argentina,
Area: 37ha.
Biome: Atlantic Forest

Main Objectives:  Conservation / Research /Native Fauna and Flora Monitoring.

La Morita Reserve conserves 37 key hectares in the center of the Andresito Peninsula Biological Corridor, in the province of Misiones, which connects the Iguazú National Parks of Argentina and Brazil.

The reserve has a low area formed by the paleochannel of the river, where the presence of water from rain or overflow of the Iguazu River is frequent; and an upper area, where native species such as the Palo Rosa (Aspidosperma polyneuron - Natural Monument of the province of Misiones) or the Palmito (Euterpe edulis), a palm tree that fruits in winter and is key to the survival of birds and mammals in the area, stand out.

On the banks of the upper Iguazú River we find the characteristic forests of Tacuaruzú (Guadua chacoensis), a type of bamboo native to this ecosystem.

It also has records of very important animal species such as the Tapir (Tapirus terrestris) or the Yaguareté (Panthera onca) which makes it a priority area for conservation.

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