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San José

Location: Cmdte. Andresito, Corredor Biológico Urugua-í Foerster, Misiones, Argentina.
Area: 92ha.
Biome: Atlantic Forest

Main Objectives: Environmental Regeneration / Conservation.

Neighboring our reserve, the San José Private Natural Reserve has a shared history, since both were part of the same productive farm until the end of the 20th century. 

The decision to conserve and protect these hectares of Atlantic Forest by its owners, accompanied the general desire in the area to restore and strengthen the Biological Corridor of which it is also part.

This determination and the good coexistence have generated over the years a working relationship that has been consolidated in recent times with concrete actions of regeneration, conservation and monitoring of fauna together with Bayka and the San Sebastián de la Selva Reserve.

Due to its strategic location, this is a place with great biological diversity with a high record of native species of the area, which also helps to understand the importance of defragmenting and giving continuity to the environments.

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