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Location: Pampa de Achala, Córdoba, Argentina.
Area: 120ha.
Biome: High Altitude Pasture.

Main Objectives: Conservation of High Altitude Grasslands / Environmental Regeneration / Watershed Protection and Restoration.

Located within the Pampa de Achala Provincial Water Reserve (155,000 ha) in the Sierras Grandes mountain range, in the north of the region, the Achala Natural Reserve has a total area of 120 ha of high altitude grassland, small forests of Tabaquillos and Maitenes with plant species of desert climates (whose characteristic is the efficiency in the capture and use of water) and wildlife typical of this ecosystem. Its geographical location also gives it the privilege of having key conservation objects in the area, including 2 water basins: the Pircas Viejas and San Mateo streams.

Together with a team of young people from Córdoba, we are collaborating in the reforestation with Tabaquillo trees, a fundamental actor in the capture and conservation of soil humidity and water basins. This forest has been deforested by the uses and customs since the arrival of the conquistadors in the 15th century, through the introduction of exotic cattle, logging and indiscriminate burning for the regrowth of pastures.

Today, we join the regeneration of these high altitude forests that ensure the ecosystemic balance of the place and the provision of water to 70% of the people of Córdoba.

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