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The Sounds of the Jungle - Interactive game

Sounds are fundamental when it comes to perceiving the world around us, and when it comes to an environment like the jungle, where the exuberance of the landscape often makes observation difficult, it is key to discover the presence of many species and identify them.

Birds communicate through song, so the variety of sounds and melodies is enormous and it can be very exciting to get to know them.

That's why we invite you to play with this interactive panel!

Here you will find some of the most characteristic or sought-after birds of the Misiones rainforest, which inhabit our San Sebastián de la Selva reserve (where more than 300 species have been recorded).

It is very simple! To start, just click on any of them and you will be able to hear it sing. Then, by simply sliding to the other species you will get the same effect.

We invite you to learn, to start identifying them and to participate with the whole family!

Bring this experience closer to the children. A good idea is to memorize a little while together looking at the screen, and then try to guess the sounds of each species with your eyes closed.

We hope you like it a lot and that you share it through the link:

An initiative of Bayka + San Sebastián de la Selva


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