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Release of 3 toucans in our Reserve

It is always a great joy to be able to give back to nature something of all that it gives us, and to work to protect it. But when that work is shared and forms part of a chain of commitments and wills, the happiness is doubled.

This week, our San Sebastián de la Selva Reserve was the scene of the release of 3 specimens of the Great Toucan (Ramphastos toco), which had previously been rescued from illegal trafficking.

The rescue of these 3 birds was the result of the investigation work carried out by the Specialized Environmental Prosecutor Unit (UFEMA) and the Environmental Crimes Department of the Argentine Federal Police, who with great passion and commitment work to combat these practices that endanger many native species of our country.

Once their good health and behavioral conditions that would allow them to return to their natural environment were confirmed, it was decided to transfer them to our Reserve for their release.

As soon as the boxes were opened, the toucans flew out and landed in some trees near the water, to replenish their energy and make their first contact with the jungle. A few minutes later they took flight and flew into the lush landscape from which they should never have been taken.

We are grateful for the trust of the organizations involved for allowing us to be the last step on this road to freedom.



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