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Registration of Jaguar in La Morita Reserve

A few months ago, after the acquisition of "La Morita", Bayka's new nature reserve in the province of Misiones, we started to carry out monitoring work with camera traps, with the aim of getting to know the diversity of native fauna that inhabits and makes use of the place.

Reviewing the records obtained in the cameras after some time always generates a lot of expectation and excitement. The presence of some species, especially those that play a key role in the balance of ecosystems, is great news and allows us to understand the conservation status of a given site, in this case the new Reserve.

Therefore, we were very excited to find in one of the camera traps, several records of the jaguar, the great American feline, inhabitant of our Atlantic forest and strongly threatened with extinction due to hunting and the loss of its natural environment.

Of the images obtained, perhaps the most impressive is the one we share with you: a jaguar with its recently hunted prey, a oso melero.

We are happy to continue working on the regeneration and conservation of the Atlantic forest, home of the largest American wildcat.



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