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Companies with commitment: Mecha Méndez

There are companies, and people behind those companies, who understand that to make change happen you have to get involved.

Mecha Méndez is a brand inspired by nature. In it they find their creative engine and the commitment with which they carry out the whole process of making their products.

That is why they decided to go one step further, taking an active role in the fight against climate change and environmental conservation.

For each wallet purchased from the brand, Mecha Méndez PLANTED A NATIVE TREE IN THE MISSIONARY FOREST. Thus, each person who participates gets the certificate of the planted specimen with its geolocation in the San Sebastián de la Selva reserve.

Dozens of trees have been planted in the Misiones jungle since the brand decided to go one step further in its COMMITMENT TO THE ENVIRONMENT.

For each wallet sold since November 2019, a new native tree was planted to continue helping the regeneration of degraded areas of the jungle, and the action continues to this day.


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