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ANANDÍ: new record of a jaguar in "La Morita".

This is Anandí, an adult jaguar captured last March 14 by one of the camera traps placed in La Morita Reserve, in the Península Andresito Biological Corridor.

This is not the first time that the monitoring cameras have been able to record the presence of a jaguar in the reserve. But beyond the pleasant surprise, this time it was also possible to identify it thanks to the help of Proyecto Yaguareté.

For those who do not know, jaguars have a unique pattern of spots on their fur. Something similar to our fingerprint, which allows us to recognize and individualize them. In this way, and with the support of photographic or video records, it is possible to study behaviors, interactions and home ranges.

We thank Proyecto Yaguareté for the identification of Anandí, and for the enormous work they do to ensure the conservation of this species in Argentina.



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