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Our environmental commitment

At Glove Travel we understand the impact that tourism has on the world, that is the reason why we are committed to generate a conscious tourism, of quality and connected with the environment.

In 2023 we decided to take our commitment even further by offsetting the emissions of the tourists who choose our services, through the planting of native trees and the regeneration of the Atlantic forest, one of the most biodiverse and threatened environments in the world.


A tourist chooses

to travel with Glove


A native tree is planted

in the rainforest

In Glove Travel, we believe in responsible and sustainable tourism that not only revels in nature's beauty but also contributes to its preservation and regeneration. Planting trees is our way of giving back to nature for the abundant gifts it generously bestows upon us, ensuring that future generations can continue to explore and cherish this beautiful planet we share, leaving behind a legacy of everlasting beauty.

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Video of the planting of the first trees

Regenerating Environments

Discover the location of the parcels in the Reserve where we are planting.

Some of the species we are conserving

in the Atlantic forest


White-eared opossum


Red brocket

White-lipped peccary



Our actions in images

we are contributing to the regeneration of the Atlantic forest in Misiones, Argentina

Bayka Actions Report

Informe Segundo Semestre 2023 - Glove Travel.jpg

Second Semester 2023

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First Semester 2023

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